The Art of Videogames (New Directions in Aesthetics)

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The culturally well-received and important arts discourses, e. And in the 19th century this public, discoursive self-exploration turned into the cultural and arts crticism we know today as a cornerstone of intellectual life - in a development that cannot be separated from the "scientific", "industrial", and political revolutions that happened at the same time.

Now, obviously we live in the age of a similar wave of revolutions, the "green", the "online", the "interactive" and maybe the "privacy vs. So, I'd like to encourage you to take this contemporary context into account since I am convinced that the "aesthetics of games" may very well be for our age what the "aesthetics of cinematography" was for the previous - if I may turn pathetic here for a brief moment.

Posted by: translucy Wednesday, 16 March at The direction I'm following, as per Walton's paper "Categories of Art", is one that accepts that aesthetic categories are specific to specific traditions of artistic expression - and in this respect, the aesthetics of videogames would be its own entity, however it is connected to earlier discussions. Your point of reference to sports is definitely relevant - I believe that the "aesthetics of sport" is deeply connected with what videogame aesthetics will have to address. I confess, I don't have anywhere near all the answers or even all the questions!

So if you have any books, papers, authors or anything else at all to recommend, I will be grateful for the suggestions!

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I also ought to add, that because my publishing work is starting to pick up, it may well take me more than a year to get this aesthetics of games into a fully developed state. In fact, I think it a certainty that it will require a lot more time, and hopefully will involve more than just myself in the long run. Posted by: Chris Thursday, 17 March at In fact, the strange thing is that there doesn't seem to be much out there in terms of published scholarship, similar to my own endeavours in the consulting field a lot just happens "in the field" - in museums, arts centers, off theatres, and even schools.

But then the artistic approach is often so un-focused that the ideas we are talking about appear only in traces or footnotes. France and Italy as well as many other countries have their own "continental flvor" of the trend Posted by: translucy Thursday, 17 March at My German is "schrecklich" although I do own an English to German dictionary! I'll definitely drop Heidi a line - thanks for the input! Posted by: Chris Friday, 18 March at I'm pretty sure a lot of these folks from the continent would be interested to discuss matters with you in English while publishing in their native tongue - a question of how you play the Game, I guess ;- Best!

Posted by: translucy Friday, 18 March at I never know, in these situations, if my email got spam filtered out or if the recipient is just too busy to respond. Posted by: Chris Tuesday, 22 March at I must admit that I almost stopped reading when you said that this theory of aesthetics would apply to both video games and other games.

Given that games have been around and popular since the dawn of time which explains the instant commercial success of early video games , I wonder if you aim your theory to apply to ancient games as well. I guess I need to read the next chapters in this series for that. Posted by: Michael Samyn Wednesday, 06 April at Michael: an aesthetic theory of digital games that does not also apply to other games is incomplete, because there are no fundamental ontological distinctions between the two kinds of play.

Praise for ihobo founder Chris Bateman

The point is a difference in degree, not of kind - obviously the potential for digital games exceeds that of classical games, but an aesthetic theory of games should be applicable to all forms of play. Posted by: Chris Wednesday, 06 April at Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.

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The Art of Videogames (New Directions in Aesthetics)

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Digital aesthetic forms between cinema and television: the need for new research directions

The Art of Videogames. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. GVA: When and why did you begin using video games in your artistic practice? Luckily for me I have a game called Fallout 4 , a huge open-world role-playing game that I could explore and create work. GVA: Why did you specifically choose video games to make art?