Learn Excel from Mr. Excel: 277 Excel Mysteries Solved

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Learn Excel from Mr. Excel: 277 Excel Mysteries Solved

How would you know to turn to the chapter on concatenation when you need to learn how to join a column of first names with a column of last names? This book offers real-life business problems. Each topic starts with a problem and then provides a strategy for solving the problem. Some topics may offer additional details, alternate strategies, results, gotchas, and other elements, as appropriate to the topic. You will never have to go hunting for "Concatenation". Instead, turn to the topic on "How to join two text columns". Of the new topics, you will find that 44 of them are applicable to Excel only.

However, throughout the book, you will find brand new tips that will apply equally well to Excel through Excel Slaying Excel dragons : a beginners guide to conquering Excel's frustrations and making Excel fun by Mike Girvin 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Provides information on efficiently creating Excel reports, covering such topics as keyboard shortcuts, style formation, formulas and functions, data analysis, charts, and conditional formatting.

MrExcel XL by Bill Jelen 8 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide The 40 essential tips that all Excel users need to know. Crowdsourced by more than contributors who collaborated on choosing the 40 best Excel tips, MrExcel XL provides users with a concise book that can be absorbed in under an hour.

Includes a bonus 30 tips, keyboard shortcuts, Excel jokes, Excel cocktails. Anyone who uses Excel will be able to turn to any page and pick up tips that will save them hours of work. VBA and macros for Microsoft Excel by Bill Jelen 12 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days.

That can be hard to do for businesses that have complex needs, such as custom software applications. However, VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel can teach you ways to customize pre-existing software to meet your specific needs. A variety of topics are covered that are sure to give you a solid knowledge of the VBA language. Event programming, user forms, carts, pivot tables, multi-dimensional arrays and Web queries are just a few of the areas you will learn about in this book.

Written by the principal behind the leading Excel Web site, www. Excel for teachers by Colleen Conmy 6 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Addressing a classroom teacher's need to simultaneous manage a classroom full of students, meet state mandated assessment standards for students, and track students' performance against a rubric, this overview of Excel shows how to put its features to use immediately in a classroom. Audience Level. You can increase the Recently Used File List located at the bottom of the File menu from four to nine workbooks.

Go to Tools — Options — General. Gotcha: Immediately after changing the value, your list may only show four files.

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You have to open and close additional files to expand the list, as shown in Fig. Summary: To have the File menu show more than the last four workbooks used, use Tools — Options — General and select the number of recently used files for it to show.

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Problem: You need to open seven files in order to prepare a weekly report. It is tedious to open all seven workbooks. Strategy: Open the seven workbook files and save them as a workspace. Give the workspace file a name, such as MyFiles. As shown in Fig. Gotcha: This workspace does not actually store the seven files, but only points to them. If you were to move one of the seven files to a new folder using Windows Explorer, Excel would not be able to open that file.

Gotcha: Excel does not remember the arrangement of the workbooks in the workspace. Although your original workbooks may have been maximized, Excel might open them in a tiled arrangement.

Choose the Maximize icon at the top of one workbook to return all workbooks to their original maximized state. This problem was worse in Excel 97, where Excel would frequently forget the zoom and frozen panes in the workspace. Summary: To reduce the time in opening more than one workbook, use File — Save Workspace when opening workbooks, and then name the workspace.

Problem: If you type a number and then press a direction arrow key, Excel will enter the number and move the cell pointer in the direction of the arrow key. However, if you are using the numeric keypad, it is much more convenient to use the Enter key on the numeric keypad rather than the arrow keys. By default, Excel will move the cell pointer down one cell when you type Enter.

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When entering data in a worksheet such as the one shown in Fig. Strategy: Go to Tools — Options. Choose Right, as shown in Fig. Result: The cursor will automatically move one cell to the right every time you press the Enter key. Summary: You can have the cell pointer move in any direction after using Enter by changing this setting on the Edit tab of the Options menu. Problem: You have a spreadsheet with headings at the top, as shown in Fig. You want to be able to scroll through the data and always see the headings.

Strategy: Use the Freeze Panes command on the Window menu. It is not obvious, but in order to make the Freeze Panes command work, you must place the cell pointer in the correct location before using the command. Look at the spreadsheet shown in Fig. It would be really handy to have rows 1 through 3 always visible while you scroll.

Place the cell pointer in cell A4, as shown in Fig. The Freeze Panes command will freeze all visible rows above the cell pointer and all visible columns to the left of the cell pointer. By placing the cell pointer in column A, you will not freeze any columns, only the rows.

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With the cell pointer in cell A4, select Window — Freeze Panes. A solid horizontal line will be drawn between rows 3 and 4. As you scroll down past row 30, you will always be able to see the heading rows, as shown in Fig.

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This menu item is only visible after you have frozen the panes. First, unfreeze the panes using Window — Unfreeze Panes. Place the cell pointer in the last visible row in the window. Hit the Down Arrow twice to force rows 1 and 2 to scroll above the window. Row 3 is now the first visible row, as shown in Fig. Place the cell pointer in cell A4 and invoke the Window — Freeze Panes command.