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In developed markets like the U. Statistics show that e-commerce is on the rise, and by the end of , estimates show that online sales will account for nearly percent of all retail purchases worldwide.

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Getting involved in the world of e-commerce has many benefits. However, you get to present your products to over 2-billion internet users who are searching online for what you are selling right now. Setting up an e-commerce business may seem like plenty of work. Finding suppliers and then managing shipping and logistics.

However, companies like Amazon have changed the game for online retailers. In the real world, starting a brick-and-mortar business location costs a significant amount of startup capital. Finding funding for your business plan, your assets, and marketing is extensive, requiring credit checks and collateral or equity in your business in most cases. E-commerce is a powerful business model that you can start with a few hundred dollars in your spare time.

Here are some of the most popular e-commerce models earning online entrepreneurs a healthy income. Amazon launched this business model in , but it took a while for it to catch on in the e-commerce community. As Amazon grew from strength to strength over the last decade, the FBA program went through some significant changes.

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Today, FBA is one of the most popular models for e-commerce entrepreneurs that want their business to run smoothly. By signing up for FBA and creating a storefront on Amazon, you get the chance to leverage all of this traffic to your store. A few simple SEO tweaks and your storefront is now a standout in your niche, with plenty of visitors browsing your store. This traffic advantage makes FBA an attractive startup option.

SEO masters will know that it can take anywhere up to 6-months to build a significant traffic volume to your online e-commerce store. All you need to do is order your goods and have your supplier ship it to your designated Amazon fulfillment centers around the U. S and Europe.

With e-commerce on the rise, Shopify launched its retail platform in , right before the start of the financial crisis. Still, Shopify continued to grow as the years went by, becoming one of the most visited shopping destinations on the internet. E-commerce entrepreneurs can set up storefronts and sell their products to anyone around the world. Shopify is probably the platform that single-handily revolutionized the dropshipping industry.

Today, Shopify is still one of the leading e-commerce platforms, and many successful entrepreneurs build stores that make a fortune. In , eBay opened its virtual doors for business, and the company grew into one of the industries titans over the next near years. There are dozens of models you can use to make money through eBay. Flip second-hand goods, use it as a dropshipping platform, or arbitrage products. In its formative years, eBay was an obscure platform, and not many people trusted online shopping at that time. However, eBay management continued to pursue what they saw was the change of the guard in the retail environment.

The company remains dynamic, adapting to the current economic climate and changes in e-commerce trends. Search online and on YouTube to find mentors for your e-commerce business. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs sharing their secrets to success for free. People advertise a variety of products and services on the platform, and there are also multiple strategies you can use to make money on this site. Realtors use Craigslist to advertise, internet marketers use Craigslist for research, and the site has massive amounts of traffic flowing through it every day of the week.

Another excellent strategy for starting an online income stream, with very little money down, is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers promote these products and services through social media channels and other marketing strategies that drive traffic to landing pages where prospects convert into buyers. When someone buys a product, the embedded affiliate code lets the seller know you were responsible for the sale.

7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

Bloggers and website owners can also set up affiliate marketing strategies that run on auto-pilot, allowing to generate passive income without any effort on your part. This strategy provides additional income to the site every time that a visitor clicks on an ad. E-commerce is an example of a part-time online venture that you can build into a full-time occupation. However, you might have a situation where you enjoy your job, and you have a prosperous career in front of you.

However, you might still want to earn some extra income on the side as well while you wait for your big promotion. In this case, using task-apps is a great way to make some extra money doing things you already have to do every day, like go to the grocery store. By downloading and installing apps into your phone, you can save on your shopping and finances, and make money through completing tasks for brands and companies.

Gigwalk is an excellent example of a task app that provides a diverse range of things you can do for cash using your cellphone.

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Some of the more common tasks the app asks you to do will include taking pictures of real estate for agencies, delivering documents, or delivering other goods to consumers for other companies. Gigwalk only provides simple tasks, and it requires a speedy response to the job if you want to get paid. The key to the app is to try to complete as many tasks as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. Zaarly is another example of a local app available in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Denver.

After downloading this application, you get access to more substantial tasks than you get with Gigwalk, paying a higher completion fee. We think this app will catch on and spread to other states soon. Download Paribus , and get money back on all of your online purchases as well.

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These apps scan your online receipts and claim a refund with the retailer if the app finds what you purchase at a lower price with a competitor. Visit Paribus or read our review. You might have to scan barcodes on products or take photos of shelves at your local grocery store.

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These apps also pay a few dollars per task. Saving money is as good as making money. Apart from there cashback apps on offer in the Android and Apple app stores, there are also others that can help you improve how you manage your finances as well. Apps like Acorn help you round up your change and then deposit the difference into your savings account. Other investment apps can help you manage your IRA from your phone, as well as complete a variety of tasks in your investment portfolio.

As an internet marketer, you work with websites, social media accounts, and blogs.

Your job is to help the business gain more exposure online, build the brand of the company, and increase product sales. The Experts Exchange is a network of over , experts in internet marketing that participate in helping each other find work in the industry. Think of it as the Fiverr for internet marketers. These types of platforms allow you to break away from your current employer and make a name for yourself in the market.

There are a few models to choose from in internet marketing, and here are three of the most in-demand strategies working for freelancers today. As an SEO specialist, your job is to promote another website or company online. You do this by helping the site rank in the search engines, increasing its daily visitor count. By flooding more traffic to the site, you increase the number of leads and prospect the website encounters.

In general, it takes around 6-months for an SEO strategy to start to show a result.

20 Ways to Make Money Online

Build yourself a few websites in your spare time and use them for customer testimonials when prospecting for new business. SEO specialists do not have to rely on freelancing platforms for work. You can canvass other websites, and run SEO checks using software tools that show you how the website performs. If you discover an undervalued website in a profitable niche, with next to no optimization, take the contact details of the site owner.

21+ Future Ways How to Make Money Online (Best for 2020)

Contact them through a cold email and ask if you can work on a proposal to increase traffic to their site and boost the business into a profitable situation. Social media was a relatively obscure technology just years ago. Today, almost a third of the people on planet earth have Facebook accounts. Today, companies and brands spend billions of dollars on social marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and drive sales.

If you understand the back end of how social platforms work, and you have skills in managing social accounts using automated tools, you could make it happen as a full-time social media manager. Companies are spending vast amounts of their marketing budget online. One of the areas in which marketing companies are investing their marketing dollars is with influencers. Instagram is catching up on Facebook as the preferred social platform. We expect that in the next few years, Instagram users will surpass Facebook users for the first time.

Influences are accounts on Instagram with more than 10, followers. The smallest influencer level, the micro-influencer, has between 10, to 20, followers. As your audience increases, so will your fees per post. This app is free to download and install on your mobile device. You earn money by tweeting a message from the sponsored advertisers out to your Twitter followers. The rate you receive for your sponsored tweets depends on the size of the following you have with your account.

If you own a car or a home, why not use them to earn money online? People are touring your town right now, and they need access to these two life essentials.

If you have a spare room in your home or a flat, or you have nothing to do in the evening, you could make a decent living with Airbnb or ridesharing.